TV on your mobile -AKA BBC iPlayer for symbian s60 is AWESOME

BBC iPlayer is an application which is intended to let users download or stream live TV and radio programmes from website to their s60 mobile phone device. BBC iPlayer currently is only available in the UK. As I am aware there are two versions for S60v3 and S60v5 (e.g. Nokia 5800). The S60v3 version is a .sis (Symbian Installation Source) file, and not a .jar like the previous versions and works without any know problems on the N95, however they labeled it v. 1.00 for some unknown reason. This could be because the older 1.6 version was only officially available for the Nokia N96.

BBC iPlayer for Symbian S60. BBC iPlayer for S60 has been released for a short while now. You can stream shows over WiFi which is my preference but you have the option to stream over a strong 3G connection. For this to work you are required to have runtime enabled handset to use the BBC iPlayer. From my experience it works well on Nokia N78, N95, N96 and E90. I have tested all theses phones with a resounding success.

The iPlayer for S60 platform uses RealPlayer to stream the video via WiFi or 3G connection. As I mentioned I only use WiFi as this is completely free.

Once you begin iPlayer, you’ll see a selection of shows that are featured on the front page for quick selection. This is similar to the full version where you have most popular shows displayed. You have the option to browse for shows via channel or category; or search by program name.

Works exceptionally well with Nokia N78, N95, N96 and E90 — I prefer the Nokia N95.

I especially like the live TV stream works exceptional for watching “BBC News” and my favorite show “Dragons Den”. I now say I have TV on my mobile and so can you.

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