"C2Doom is the very best in mobile gaming experience"

The original Doom is a 1993 iconic computer game by the video game development company id Software, and one of the most influential titles in the 21st century of the first-person shooter genre. Doom is most notable because of the combination of immersive 3D graphics with graphic violence. It turned out to be both controversial and immensely popular immortalizing the game for eternity. The film Doom was released in 2005.

The C2Doom is the very best in mobile gaming experience that brings original Doom gaming experience to smart phones typically S60 devices. It implements original game episodes, graphics and music and the infamous single player experience. The C2Doom also incorporates traditional multiplayer co-operative and deathmatch gaming modes.

-For this to work you will require a compatible S60 or S80 phone i.e. Nokia N95. Tested Mobile phones I have personally tested are Nokia models NGage, NGage QD, 6620, 9300, 9500, 7610, 6681, 6630, 6680, 6600 and 6260. Even so all S80 mobile phones and S60 Symbian phones that have a minimum requirement of 16MB internal RAM (Random Access Memory), Symbian S60 1.2 or Symbian S60 2 ought to work. (9210, 7650 and 3650 are not currently supported models.)

2- For this step you are required to download either depending on your phones requirements the S60 or S80 C2Doom installation package, from the internet and install it into your compatible mobile device. Following this you can now copy the installation files into your phone and select file from there, or use PC suite application for installing. After you have finished installing the Doom.sis file, a Doom application icon will appears in the phones applications folder.

3- You have to have WAD files. Wad Files are like game ROMs. There are several WAD files available, however I have tested only some official ones.

- Transfer the WAD file into your memory card by means of the data cable or your preferred connection method. When you start C2Doom application, it looks trough your phone memory and detects WAD files. Once one is located a confirmation is asked if that WAD file is indented to be used. It is always advised to copy files to a memory card not to internal phone memory. For instance N95 internal memory is only 160 MB storage but my micro SD card is 8GB. Good Luck! :-)

  • C2Doom.sis
  • CS01.WAD - DOOM2.wad - doomu.wad - DUKEGP.WAD - helltest.WAD - HERETIC.WAD - Twilight.wad
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